Express Español features classes that specialize in Spanish for different enterprises and companies.

You will learn basic greetings, numbers, dates and times for all industries, but also key industry-specific phrases.

Police officers

Express Español
for Law Enforcement
will assist with:

  • Basic traffic stops
  • Moving and non moving violations
  • Road side maneuvers
  • Felony stops
  • Recognize danger words


Express Español
for Medical, Fire
and EMTs:

  • Medical terminology
  • Asking about pains and maladies
  • Asking about medications and drugs that the patient may be taking
  • Assessing current injuries and pain

Realtor and home buyers

Express Español
for Real Estate

  • Ask key questions about housing needs
  • Receive key financial information from clients to help them in their purchases


Express Español
for the Hospitality Industry, Restaurants and Hotels:

  • Spanish and English classes are available for this industry that will aid in safety issues and customer relations


Express Español specializes in classes for kids
and adults of all ages:

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